iOS User Behaviour

Tracking User Behaviour

Track Custom Events

Reteno SDK provides ability to log custom events.

// Parameters:

public struct Parameter {
    let name: String
    let value: String?

date: Date - time when event occurred

forcePush: Bool - indicates if event should be send immediately or in the next scheduled batch

// Usage

Reteno.logEvent(eventTypeKey: "EVENT_TYPE_KEY", date: Date, parameters: [Reteno.Event.Parameter], forcePush: Bool = false)

Track Screen View Events

Reteno tracks screen appearance and attaches information about the current screen to events. You can also manually log screenviews. Manually tracking screens is useful if your app does not use a separate UIViewController for each screen you may wish to track.

Automatically Track Screen Events

Reteno automatically tracks some information about screens in your application, such as the class name of the UIViewController that is currently in focus. When a screen transition occurs, Reteno logs a screen view event that identifies the new screen.

Automatic screen tracking can be turned off by providing isAutomaticScreenReportingEnabled flag as false during SDK initialization.



Reteno depends on method swizzling to automatically log screen views. SwiftUI apps must manually set class for views that should be logged, or log screen views manually (see below).

Manually Track Screen Events

You can manually log screen view events whether or not automatic tracking is enabled. You can log these events in the onAppear or viewDidAppear methods.

Reteno.logEvent(ScreenViewEvent, parameters: [ScreenClass: screenClass]

Track Mob Push Subscribers

Reteno SDK uses the pushSubscribed parameter for tracking the status of the user’s subscription to push notifications. This covers the following cases:

  • When a customer does not subscribe to receive push notifications (pushSubscribed is false), no token is created for that customer.
  • When a customer subscribes to receive push notifications (pushSubscribed is true), a token is created for that customer.
  • When a customer unsubscribes from receiving push notifications (pushSubscribed is false), the existing customer token is deleted.