Managing Mobile SDK Access Keys

After you connect your mobile app to Yespo, you have to create the access key.

This access key authorizes all the requests sent from the mobile app through the SDK (iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Unity, Cordova, Ionic) to Reteno.

Creating and Enabling the Access Key

To create the access key:

  1. Go to your profileSettings (1) → Mob Push (2).
Mob Push tab
  1. Click on the name of your app.
Click on the app name
  1. Select the Access Keys tab and click Add access key.
Access Keys
  1. In the Create access key dialog box, enter the key description in the Description field and click Create.
Create access key



Assigning the description for each mobile access key allows you to identify it and understand which integration it is associated with.

  1. To enable the access key, click the slide button on the left-hand side.



If you do not need to use the access key, disable it by clicking its slide button.

Using the Key to Access Reteno SDK

To use the access key to authenticate access to your Reteno mobile SDK:

  1. Go to your profileSettingsMob Push and select your mobile app connected to Reteno.
  2. Select the Access Keys tab and click the Copy icon beside your key.
Access Keys
  1. Send your API key in X-Reteno-Access-Key HTTP header in every request.