Unity SDK Setup

The Reteno Unity SDK for Mobile Customer Engagement and Analytics solutions


Reteno is a lightweight SDK for Unity that helps mobile teams integrate Reteno into their Unity apps. The server-side library makes it easy to call the Reteno API.

The SDK supports:
  • Unity 2021.2 or later
  • C# 9 or higher

Getting Started with Reteno SDK / Setup Guide

Step 1: Add the Reteno SDK to your project

In your Unity project go to AssetsImport PackageCustom Package... and select the RetenoSdk.unitypackage file.

Step 2: Set up a Firebase Cloud Messaging client app with Unity

  • Create a Firebase project in the Firebase console.
  • Add your Unity app to your Firebase project in the Firebase console.
  • Add Firebase configuration files to your Unity app.
    • For iOS — GoogleService-Info.plist.
    • For Android — google-services.json.
  • Download SDK from FirebaseUnity and import it to your project.
  • Install firebase messaging package.
    • FirebaseMessaging.unitypackage.
    • FirebaseAuth.unitypackage.
  • On iOS Podfile should contain pod 'Firebase/Core', pod 'Firebase/Messaging' and pod 'Firebase/Auth'. Version are not required.
target ‘UnityFramework’ do
   pod ‘Firebase/Core’, ‘10.11.0’
   pod ‘Firebase/Messaging’, ‘10.11.0’
   pod ‘Firebase/Auth’, ‘10.11.0’

Open Terminal at your project folder. If you have an M1 chip type "sudo arch -x86_64 gem install ffi" then "arch -x86_64 pod install" Other wise for Intel "pod install".

More info on Firebase documentation.

Step 3: Set up Mobile Notification package


Reteno Unity SDK is released under the MIT license.